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  • Business & Conference Hotel Imperial, Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • Spa Hotel Russ, Sochi, Russia
  • Hotel Le Regina, Warsaw, Poland
  • Hotel Vienna, Bielsko Biala, Poland
  • Hotel Amfora, Hvar Grand Beach Resort, Croatia


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Frequent staff training in the hospitality industry is a must because of the continuous evolution in the hotel business. The behaviour and expectations of today’s guest have completely changed and each guest has his own preferences, demands, and characteristics. The challenge for hotels is to understand these requirements and to act upon them. What hotel owners have to achieve is to get everybody in the organization to understand how they can meet the needs of the future guests. Hotels should develop a model of “service variety” and revitalize their operations. To achieve this: “hotels should train their staff”!

The big hotel chains do organize regular trainings for their employees in order to secure the best possible service for their guests. Smaller organizations do not have those possibilities or hotel owners are still not aware of the necessity.  Comenius Ltd offers the possibility for smaller organizations to have their teams trained.


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