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  • Business & Conference Hotel Imperial, Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • Spa Hotel Russ, Sochi, Russia
  • Hotel Le Regina, Warsaw, Poland
  • Hotel Vienna, Bielsko Biala, Poland
  • Hotel Amfora, Hvar Grand Beach Resort, Croatia


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Seminar page

All seminars are interactive and take one full day. In a relaxed atmosphere, all participants are part of the presentation and are challenged to express themselves.  The goal of the seminar is to install enthusiasm into the participants, to improve communication, to develop teamwork, to provoke the right mind-set, to give them confidence, to stimulate them and to give them a different view on the job they do. At the end of the day they will understand that there is a big difference between “good” and “excellent” and that hotels offering excellent service will be not only a more pleasant place to work but also far more successful than before.

Seminars (General Modules)


Training for Hotel Management

“The Hotel Quality Lab”

Seminar 1   


leadership qualities, effective communication skills, consulting and coaching, team work, sales & marketing, social media, guest relation, time management, etc.


Communication skills and quality assurance

for first line employees called

“The Spirit of Communication”

The Spirit of Communication   


verbal and non-verbal communication, interactions with the guests, telephone skills, complaint handling, hospitality skills, team work, F&B operations and restaurant quality service, satisfaction measurements, social media, managing your own brand, etc.

Seminars (Expert Modules)


Restaurant services

Restaurant services   


service experience, beverage basics, beverage service, food knowledge, guest experience, restaurant operations, service skills and attitude, etc.


Kitchen – Standard food operating procedures

Kitchen    Topics:
Kitchen storage & hygiene, optimizing food costs, decorating and presenting of buffets & a la carte menus, set up of banquets folders, efficient working with fish and meat, optimizing of operating procedures, logistics, how to set up kitchen standards, traditional kitchen, fusion kitchen, innovative & seasonal menus, fingerfood menus, etc.

Rooms Division

(including Front Desk and Housekeeping)

Rooms Division  

service experience, preparation experience, commercial experience, reservation experience, arrival procedures, in- house systems, room experience, special need experience, communication skills, recreation business, departure procedures, guest relation, reservations, concierge, telephone operator, etc.


Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing   


introduction, the sales cycle, the modern traveller, what do you sell,  the importance of defining the product, who is the buyer, the market, competition, sales processes & channels, TA & TO & OTA, pricing, ADR + occupancy & RevPar, revenue and channel management, marketing strategies, social networks & PR, expectation management, the TripAdvisor syndrome, up selling & loyalty programs, case study, discussion, conclusion.